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Kay, the Nekomimi

Title: Kay, the Nekomimi
Chapter: 1/?
Rating: G for now
Feedback: I would love some feedback on this.

Kay was always the odd one out in everything. Everyone thought that she was strange, just cause she was born with cat ears and a tail. No one wanted to be friends with her and she was always left out of things. The other students shunned her. She couldn’t understand why they would do this. She thought that she was nice enough as well as nice looking enough as well. She had long black hair with deep blue eyes. She was also talented in many things, she had a great eye for the arts as well as with music. She could just about play any string instrument that was thrown at her. She also seemed to pass all of her art classes and usually had several art projects going on at the same time. This was one of the ways that Kay seemed to release the stress that was in her life. Kay was so lonely, the only people that talked to her were the teachers. They understood what the students were doing to her and they all thought it was wrong. There was only one teacher though that seemed to avoid her. This teacher was the teacher she wanted to talk to her the most. She felt like she had more in common with this teacher over any of the other teachers in the school. This teacher was the science teacher. The only hard part in all of this was finding a time when he wasn’t busy and even when she did find those times he didn’t talk to her much at all. He did help her with questions that she had in the class like any other teacher would, but as far as friendly things he stayed clear of that or he tried to give as short of a response as he could. She was starting to feel like she was being avoided by everyone and had also to wonder at this point if the other teachers was being nice to her cause they were teachers and that was what they were suppose to do.

               As far as she could remember back she had the cat ears and the tail. The house that she lived in wasn’t anything fancy but it was home to her. The house had a traditional style to it. There was a lot of greens and browns throughout. The kitchen and bathroom had an earthy feel and the bedrooms were all colors of tan. The earthy tones of the house made all the rooms seem bigger as well as neat looking. Her parent’s didn’t like knowing that she had those parts but they loved her anyway. They told her that she was very special to them and that they loved her no matter what she looked like. She began to feel like they were just telling her this cause she was their daughter and they felt like that was the right thing to do. As she got older she started to notice the looks that everyone in town was giving her mom and dad. She also began to notice the silence that hit her mom and dad when someone would ask about her ears and her tail. Her life at home was starting to feel like a strain and she didn’t feel good all the time cause of it. Her mom started to notice how sad Kay started to get over the years. Her dad couldn’t take the strain that it was putting on him and left the family for good. Kay felt alone and unloved.

               The issue with school was another story all together. The school was a big school and had several hallways that joined in the middle to the lobby of the building. The building’s layout had a spider like structure to it. This made it easy to find the classes, since each hallway had the name of the departments on the tops of the halls. Kay spent most of her time in the art hallway. Kay dreaded going to school, just cause the kids didn’t like her and they all had to call her bad names to her face and behind her back. She sat in the bathroom a lot of times and just cried until she had almost lost her voice. The teachers would get a little frustrated with her when she answered a question in only a whisper. She would always go to them at the end of the class and tell them the answers to the questions as well as explain why her voice was almost gone. Most of the teachers understood and they seemed to care about her. She started to feel good once she heard them comfort her. There was one teacher though that she just couldn’t seem to crack the shell of, the science teacher. He was serious and seemed to always have his head in the books and his mind on what was going to happen in class as well as the papers he had to grade. She would always walk up to his desk after class and smile at him and then tell him the same story she told all the other teachers that day. He would merely glance up over his glasses at her and make a grunt sound and look back down at his books and papers. Kay’s heart sank all the time when he did this and she would just slowly walk out of the glass with her long black tail dragging on the ground. His brown eyes always seemed to perk back up and follow her out the door but then they turned back to his papers.

               Kay walked the hallways with her books held against her chest tight as she had her arms wrapped around them. Her long cat tail swished from side to side as she looked around at everyone. Everyone seemed to be enjoying each other and talking, but it all stopped and the whispers started just as soon as Kay showed up and walked past them. Her long black cat ears lowered as she listened to what they were saying, at least that was a perk that she was fine with. She frowned as tears began to form in her eyes as she started to walk faster to get away from all the whispers and the pointing of fingers. As she ran faster she started to hear laughing and she couldn’t stand the laughing. They were laughing at her and how odd she was from all of them. She growled and hissed in anger at this as she made her way into the bathroom. She didn’t notice though that she was being watched by someone that wasn’t laughing and also someone that wasn’t a girl either.

               Kay ran into one of the stalls as she sat down on the toilet and began to cry. Her entire body was shaking in anger and in sadness from what the other students thought of her. She only wanted to be accepted for who and what she was. Kay looked around the bathroom as it was a light blue with brown counter tops and toilets. She stopped in front of the mirror to look at her face. She lifted up one of her small hands and ran her fingers over her long black ears perked up on the top of her head. She tried to fiddle with her hair to cover up parts of her ears but she didn’t know why she bothered with it. Everyone already knew what she looked like. Her ears suddenly perked up as she heard the main door to the bathroom open up. She shut her mouth as she listened to the footsteps. They didn’t sound like a girl’s footsteps. She tilted her head to the side as she saw the large shadow stop at her stall door. Suddenly a note was brushed under the door in front of her feet and the person left the bathroom as fast as they had entered. Kay looked down at the note and slowly reached down to pick it up. She wondered who it was that was just in the bathroom with her and what was so important that they had to write it down instead of just telling them themselves. She opened up the note with sweaty hands and began to read what was in it. Her heart stopped as to what she saw.

               “I know what you are and I know you would like to know as well. I understand that you want to reach out to me and I want to reach out to you as well. I just don’t know how and this really is the only way that I know how. Meet me in room 532 in one hour and all will be explained.”

               There wasn’t any name on the note except her own name. This was very strange and added a bit of mystery to her day, she was enjoying the feeling. She slowly stood up and walked out of the bathroom as she held the note to her. She looked down at it and then around the hallway, that seemed to be empty now. She smiled as it was nice and quiet, just the way that she liked it. Her eyes darted to look at the clock. She had to kill an hour and she knew exactly how to do it. She loved to read, so she made her way to the library. The first smile of the day crossed her lips as she wondered who the mystery person was. This was going to be exciting she thought to herself as she sat down at a table and pulled out her science book to read. She soon found her mind starting to wander as she started to think about Mr. Von. He was a tall guy with short fluffy brown hair. He also wore glasses and had a sharp big nose that seemed to always grab Kay’s attention away from her work. She wasn’t going to get herself started on thinking about his deep blue eyes that were as blue as the ocean at night. They also head a small sparkle to them that drove her crazy every time she looked into them. There had been many nights that she would lay in her bed and think about him. A blush spread over her face as she shook her head free from the thoughts and looked up at the clock. It was now time to go meet her mystery person. She grabbed her books and rushed out of the library and off to find the room on the note. She smiled as she found Room 532. She slowly entered the room and then stopped as she saw a male figure with his back to her. She blinked a little as her ears perked up as her tail swished around. She had to think that the back to her looked familiar and then her jaw dropped as the body turned around to face her. It was Mr. Von. How could this be? Did he really know what she was and was he only avoiding her because he was either embarrassed or ashamed her knew what she was or was he just waiting for the right moment to talk to her about it. She was very confused by all of this.

               He gave her a warm smile, “I know you are confused. Take a seat and I will explain everything to you.”

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