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time is all she has to kill

Fic: Marvel Cinematic Universe, "Betrayal" (1/1, Loki & Thor gen, PG-13)

Title: Betrayal
Author: lady_moriel
Fandom: MCU (specifically, the Thor movies)
Characters/Pairing: Loki, Thor, Jane Foster; Loki & Thor gen, background Thor/Jane
Rating: Teen and up
Word Count: 1,350 (oneshot)
Disclaimer: Marvel and Disney own these characters.
Warnings: Fairly graphic violence.
Summary: "For several eternal seconds after he finds Jane’s body, Thor doesn’t comprehend what he sees. He is so lost in denial that he barely realizes he has fallen to his knees, and at first he doesn’t see the knife still lying next to her head. When he does, it takes him much longer than it should to recognize it as Loki’s." Inspired by the Thor: The Dark World trailer and a comment on Lady Charity's Tumblr, so it's not really based on the actual movie (I wrote it in November 2013).

Read "Betrayal" at AO3
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