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This is a community designed for both fanfiction and original fiction writers to mingle, share their work, discuss works of fan/fiction, ask/give advice from/to others, search for betas, and discuss their favorite fandoms, authors, or whatever else comes to mind. Most importantly, it is a place for people who write to connect with other writers. And it is open to ALL writers, whether they write poetry or fanfics, yaoi (male/male) or heterosexual fics, yuri (female/female) or original romance. But membership is not limited only to authors. People who like to read or have ideas they would like to share, but feel they cannot write themselves, can feel free to join as well. (Introduction posts are welcomed and encouraged.)

As with any community, we have some rules:

-Given that this is a community created partially for fanfic authors, it is probable that there might be discussions of books and/or other fictional works (anime, movies, etc.) from which they have taken their characters and/or ideas. If these posts will contain spoilers, please use the LJ cut tag, which can be located here.

-When posting your work, please use the LJ cut tag, and label it clearly. The label should include:

Fandom (If applicable)
Genre (Drama, angst, romance)
Pairing (Unless it’s a surprise or there is none.)
Rating (G-NC-17)
Disclaimer (If applicable. (If you are posting fan-related work, a disclaimer must be included.))
Warnings/Comments (Since not everyone is fond of yaoi, yuri, slash, etc., please be sure to include the appropriate warnings so no one mistakenly starts reading something that is not to their tastes. Also warn for graphic violence, sex, language, etc.)

-Off-topic posts are allowed, but must be clearly marked. Also, remember to keep them to a minimum. Since this is a writing community, let us be sure to keep the subjects mostly to matters that relate to writing/reading.

-Please do not advertise in this community without my permission. If you want to promote your community, email me beforehand. But remember that the community must relate to writing in some way.

-Please do not post any quiz results in the community. Surveys are acceptable if they are behind a cut, and only if they relate to writing.

-Also, please do not make posts begging other community members for LiveJournal codes. There are other communities for that purpose.

-Please RESPECT one another. We all know the difference between constructive criticism and flaming and/or bashing a particular author or piece of fiction just because you don’t like the pairing or for any other equally petty reason. We do not expect you to like everything you read, but if you hate something, give your reasons in a polite and respectful manner. (People caught being disrespectful and/or picking fights with certain other members will be given one warning. After that point, any subsequent mishaps will lead to being permanently banned from the community.)

-Lastly, this is not really a rule so much as it is a suggestion, but please try to leave feedback. You like feedback, right? Well, so does everyone else, and sometimes all it takes is a little encouragement to keep someone going. If you know the fandom, like the pairing, think the idea is unique, let the author know! The more you leave feedback, the more likely other people are to leave it for you.

(These rules are subject to change at any given time and without notice.)

If you have any questions and/or suggestions on how to improve the community, please feel free to contact me, Midori (yaoi_bunny), at the address listed above.



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